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Initial Visit:

We are In-Network with most major insurance companies in Virginia. If you are unsure about your chiropractic and physical therapy benefits, we will check your insurance benefits as a courtesy to you. If you'd like to use your insurance, please present your card at your first visit.

There are a variety of ways to make your care in our office affordable for those without insurance coverage that want to change their life. 


Dowell Chiropractic

Length of Care:

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Each treatment is unique to your needs. Chiropractic adjustments are appropriate for many conditions, but are not absolutely necessary to reach your goals. We use a wide range of therapies in our office so we can get effective results quickly. You will never be asked to participate in a treatment that makes you uncomfortable. Treatments will always be explained so you'll understand why they've been chosen for you. 

Our extensive treatments last from 25-45 minutes and include the use of heat, ice, electrical muscle stimulation, therapeutic ultrasound, exercise, soft-touch joint manipulation, muscle/nerve release, deep tissue massage, and various stretching techniques. 

Your first visit to our office focuses on collecting information about your needs so we can best serve you.

You'll fill out our health history form that reviews all of your aches and pains. You will then meet directly with Dr. Dowell to learn about your muscles, joints, and nervous system. You will then discuss your main goals in seeking care. An extensive examination will be performed to determine if care in our office is right for your needs. This exam will include a posture evaluation, spinal evaluation, motion testing, evaluation of soft tissue, and orthopedic testing of all problems areas.

If it's determined we can help you we will discuss your options and you can choose to start receiving treatments at that time. A care program will be created for you to meet your needs. We are goal and results oriented in this office and your care will reflect that.   

You will feel the results of your first treatment immediately. Initial intensive care is designed to have you out of pain as fast as possible. This is followed by less frequent treatments which give the body time to stabilize and strengthen between visits.

Healing is usually dependent on the length of time the patient has been suffering, the severity of the problem, age, and activity level. Once your symptoms are gone and your body has stabilized, you'll find semi-regular check-ups a benefit to your entire body and health. ​

Dowell Chiropractic